IPL Auction 2017 Videos

IPL Auction 2017 Videos

IPL auction 2017 : Probable dates for IPL are first week of April to mid-May but before that all important IPL Auction takes place. People love to watch IPL Auction as their favorite player goes under the hammer. All eyes are on which player will move to which team. This year’s IPL Auction is expected to take place in first week of February. Before that teams are expected to announce the retained list. As per the trend goes, IPL Auction takes place for two days. IPL 10 Auction is expected to start at 9:30 AM and will continue till 6:00 PM. IPL 2017 Auction Venue is not confirmed yet. But Bangalore and Mumbai are the leading cities which are expected to host IPL 10 Auctions. watch ipl livelive here.

IPL Auction 2017 Videos

Still it is not understandable ,how franchises are deciding on the players remunerations Players like Yuvraj,Cariappa etc are absolutely non-performers over the last few seasons. Further, paying huge amounts to Junior players and unknown first class players/Non first class players shall have huge ramifications. There are examples where many players ended as no where from stamp of huge potential in the Junior cricket stage. More over it seems there is not much relation with first class performances. Many players from fringe teams like orissa, Assam ended with no where despite of having grreat performances in the domestic needs to rethink on the sanity of conducting of IPL without any linkage to domestic cricket or the development of host country cricketing resources.

The plight of some other major players was worse. Hashim Amla, offering himself for the tournament for the first time, found no buyers. Neither did Ross Taylor, Kumar Sangakkara, Mahela Jayawardene, and Kevin ‘Brien (among several overseas and Indian players) who on that day was playing a major role in Ireland beating the West Indies in the World Cup.

Given that Morgan is primarily a short-form cricketer these days, this makes sense. The likes of he and Pietersen have long been vocal advocates for the IPL has a sort of global cricketing hothouse, where the world’s best players share ideas, test themselves against each other and acquaint themselves with the game’s latest trends. In addition, Morgan has played Big Bash for Sydney Thunder, and enthused about its educational value.

Watto brings a lot of skills to the table but given his overall international record he has to be one of the most overpaid cricketers of all time! Agree that Guppy might have struggled to score with the same freedom in India, but given his electric fielding I would have thought well worth a punt at his base price. And Albert Einstien needs to have another look at Williamson if he thinks he can’t play spin. He is one of the best in the world.